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Mood 13 Magazine is a Taylor Swift-inspired digital magazine for Swifties by Swifties featuring projects, DIY, crafts, recipes, parties, and more.

Mood 13 Magazine is the brainchild of a Swiftie mom with an eye for interior design. It is a fun and engaging combination of crafting, entertaining, and home decor that has the sophistication of a traditional DIY magazine with the vibrant aesthetic of all things Taylor Swift. This is a magazine for Swifties by Swifties that includes project ideas for Swifties of all ages.

This monthly digital publication is available for $2.99, but each month we offer a portion of our content on the blog, too!

What You Can Expect From Mood 13 Magazine

Each issue will include the following sections:

  • Seasonal Features
    • Larger DIY projects based on that month’s theme (e.g., May’s issue is themed around “ME!”)
  • Entertainment
    • Themed dinner parties, sleepovers, backyard get-togethers, etc. that include decor, games, crafts, takeaways, food, beverages and more
  • Mindfulness
    • A list of 13 thoughts, facts and/or crafts that promote positive social change
  • Home Decor
    • A double feature for subtly including Taylor-themed decor into your common living spaces AND fully expressing your Swiftie fervor in your personal space
  • Quick & Easy
    • A list of 4-5 crafts that can be done in 20 minutes or less
  • Swiftie Kids
    • Beginning with our June issue, a list of 4 – 5 crafts specifically designed to do with your kids
  • Resources
    • Original graphics and references to YouTube videos that teach tech skills such as hand lettering, cake piping, etc.

We hope you will enjoy sharing these crafts with your Swiftie besties as well as your friends and followers on social media.


About Fearless 13 Publishing

Fearless 13 Publishing, LLC is a female-owned and operated company which publishes the digital periodical Mood 13 Magazine, a Taylor Swift-inspired DIY magazine featuring projects, recipes, home decor, and crafts. Founded by CEO Christa Thompson and her business partner Carissa Shuman, Fearless 13 Publishing, LLC, seeks to inspire creativity and mindfulness that promotes balance, well being, female empowerment, equality and women’s rights by hiring artists, writers and professionals who support the same values, as well as support like-minded organizations while giving back to our community.


BTS Christa and Carissa Mood 13 Magazine

More About Mood 13 Magazine

Mood 13 Magazine is a monthly digital magazine featuring DIY projects, crafts, home decor, entertainment, and related editorial content themed around Taylor Swift’s music, lyrics, videos, quotes, and general interests/pursuits.

The mission of Mood 13 Magazine is to inspire creativity and mindfulness that promotes balance, well being, female empowerment, equality, and women’s rights while offering support to the initiatives, accolades, and narratives of the Taylor Swift brand, A.KA. Taylor Swift. We aim to uphold these ideals through social awareness, editorial content, and charity through donations and random acts of kindness.