Christa Thompson, Carissa Shuman, Mood 13 Magazine

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The Mood 13 Editors are Christa Thompson and Carissa Shuman. Together they are the creators of Mood 13 Magazine and the faces behind most of the operations of Fearless 13 Publishing, LLC, the publishing company they started to bring you this project magazine. While the magazine operates with two editors, two marketing and social management team members, a photographer, a part-time graphic designer and a project assistant, there is a lot that goes into producing each issue. And all of these things are deligated and masterminded by one person, Christa Thompson.


Behind the Scenes of Mood 13


Christa is the visionary. She is the creative director behind the projects, parties, recipes, the Mood 13 App, and all the graphic design within the magazine, app and site. She is also the person who brainstorms social strategy, sales funnels and giveaways.


For the magazine (and during launch week), Christa creates vision boards months ahead of release. The vision boards navigate what topic or theme a particular issue should be based on. Once the theme, its published content, fan memes and color palette are established, Christa incorporates those elements into a “mood” board based on the marketing quarter/season and how that applies to the needs of the audience.


Christa Thompson. Carissa Shuman, Mood 13 Magazine


The mood board contains aesthetics (color palettes, fabric swatches and “mood” references using images and sketches) and a list of preliminary concepts of party ideas, recipes, seasonal projects, DIY ideas, kid’s crafts, quick and easy craft ideas, home decor and editorial content ideas. The concepts are then decided on based on resource and supply availability, materials budget, time, marketing budget and featured talent availability. Once the final “projects” are chosen, it then goes to Carissa who creates a project binder containing the aesthetics, each project guide, recipe, talent prospect, editorial assignments, materials lists (and where to source them), budget and a preliminary marketing assessment of blog posts, emails, possible giveaways, social strategies and other marketing ideas.


“The vision board, mood board and project guide is my favorite part of the production cycle. It’s where the magic is! It’s a lot of Taylor Swift research, inspiration, creativity and imagination (my natural habitat). There are those moments (and they happen a lot) when I’ve told Carissa an idea that I have (or had), and it’s just like, ‘YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG THAT’S PERFECT!’ and you know, that feeling is just really fun. I love brainstorming.”


Once the project binder is turned in (this is usually dead smack in the middle of production week for an upcoming issue, late at night over wine), Christa discusses the photography (lighting, staging and time needs) with Kaylin Stovall, the official Mood 13 Magazine photographer. From here it’s the preliminary marketing assessment with Director of Marketing, Jana Seitzer and Director of Digital Communications, Stephanie Hames for final approval and delegation.


Since the above is done 2-3 months in advance, this is right about the time when the upcoming issue’s “production ” phase is taking place (materials sourcing, creation and photography) which lasts up to two weeks followed by a 3-4 day “editorial” phase and a 7-10 day “post” phase (post-processing photos, graphic design, proofing and final master file creation). Then, when the latest issue of Mood 13 Magazine is ready to be sent out into the world, that’s when the “launch” phase takes place. Giveaways, emails, socials and talent copies go out and are managed.


All in all it’s a very tight schedule fueled by passion, creativity, connection, brainstorming, inspiration, bright ideas and Christa’s unwavering love of her icon, Taylor Swift. But, it’s never a dull moment, and with the new arrival of folklore, it’s an exciting time to have a tight schedule at Mood 13 Magazine.


Christa Thompson Editor-in-Chief Mood 13 Magazine 2


Christa Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Follow Christa on social @ChristaThompson13 (Instagram) and @CaticornsRReal (Twitter)


Christa is the CEO of Travel Media Solutions, LLC, which publishes the travel and lifestyle blog The Fairy Tale Traveler. Seven years ago she left her career in surgical technology to pursue a life of intention as a single mother. Her intention, to travel the world and expose her son to culture, diversity, and history through folklore, mythology, and magical places. Four of the seven years were spent as a travel writer for FAE Magazine, an ambassador for global brands such as Walt Disney Studios, and national brands such as Kia Motors America and American Tourister, and has worked countless times with tourism boards all over the world as both press and an influencer.


Christa Thompson Founder and Editor-in-Chief Mood 13 Magazine


She has also been a guest speaker at conferences such as SITsum and Connect Her and spent four years as a celebrity moderator for Tampa Bay Comic Con and its associated conventions. During these four years, she homeschooled her son, whether it was from a train in Norway or a beach-front balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Currently, Christa has settled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia where she has reignited her flame for fine art, DIY and projects.


Fun Facts About Christa


Christa has been a fan of Taylor Swift since approximately February of 2007. So, since she was 26.


Her 11-year-old son has heard Taylor Swift’s music every single day of his life, beginning with the moment he was delivered in the hospital room to “Mary’s Song” in November of 2008.


Christa launched Fearless 13 Publishing, LLC with her business partner and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Carissa Shuman (below) to publish Mood 13 Magazine.


Christa has zip-lined in the Mayan jungle, snowmobiled on a frozen river in Finland (and into the arctic forest). She’s been in private jets, helicopters, on various boats, yachts, rafting on rivers, ski lifts, you name it. However, despite having spent 27 years of her life in Florida, she’s never ridden a jetski.


Before Christa was a full-time blogger, she was a surgical technologist.


Apart from Taylor Swift, Christa also loves Mumford & Sons, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Todrick Hall, Lewis Capaldi, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Lizzo. When she’s writing she listens to musical scores by John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Ramin Djawadi, and Alvin Silvestri.


Carissa Shuman Co-Editor-in-Chief, Mood 13 Magazine

Carissa Shuman, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Carissa is the co-owner and operator of Fearless 13 Publishing, LLC, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Mood 13 Magazine. She has worked as both a contributor, writer and editor for the last 10 years with sites such as and The Inquisitr, as well as self-published her first children’s book in 2018, A Mermaid’s Tail. Writing, editing, and publishing isn’t the entirety of Carissa’s story, though.


She has also worked as an educator for the last 17 years with experience focused on teaching reading, writing, and science to students in grades 2-5, STEAM classes for K-5, and concepts in engineering design, robotics, coding and programming for middle schoolers. She is also an acting BSA Merit Badge counselor for Robotics, Astronomy and Signs, Signals, and Codes. In addition to these skills and interests, Carissa is a fine artist, illustrating “A Mermaid’s Tail” in addition to writing it, and enjoys crafting and DIY with her Girl Scout troop.


Carissa Shuman Co-Editor-in-Chief, Mood 13 Magazine


Most important to her, though, she is the mother of three who passionately seeks ways to spread positive social change, mindfulness, awareness, acceptance, intention and self-confidence. It was Taylor Swift’s performance of “Mean” at the Grammy Awards that truly caught Carissa’s attention. Watching Taylor grow as a person and performer was inspiring to Carissa, and when Taylor worked so diligently for equality along with the release of “You Need to Calm Down,” Carissa knew she wanted to be part of that effort. Mood 13 Magazine and their anticipated outreach gives Carissa the opportunity to further pursue positive change.