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The Next Chapter: Saying Goodbye to ‘Lover’ and Welcome to ‘folklore’

goodbye lover and welcome folklore, butterfly garden

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Change is always difficult, but it can also be exciting. Saying “goodbye Lover,” means we also get to say, “welcome folklore.” Just as Lover was once the “next chapter,” we now have a new one and, just like Taylor, we’re excited.


The Next Chapter

an editorial by Christa Thompson


“Guys, I always look at albums as chapters in my life. And I’m so—to the fans–I’m so happy that you like this one. I’m so happy that this means that you like this one. But I have to be really honest with you about something…

I’m even more excited about the next chapter!”

said Taylor as she accepted the American Music Award for “Favorite Pop/Rock Album” for Reputationthe first of many “Easter eggs” to come for the album, Lover.


goodbye to lover and welcome to folklore, lover sign


Goodbye to Lover

Taylor had a lot to be excited about. Not only did she orchestrate the biggest marketing campaign of her career and deliver an album entirely owned by her, but she made an album that, in my opinion, represented the pinnacle of her happiness.


From “I Forgot That You Existed” to “Daylight,” Taylor gave us a pastel explosion of her heart in a time when she finally found “love that was really something, not just the idea of something,” and a place where she could “step into the daylight and let it go.”


To me, Lover is the manifestation of all things that have allowed Taylor to reach her full potential—in both her personal life and her career. And it has all the hooks a crafting maven could ever want for home decor inspiration.


A Year of Lover Home Decor

As a craft artist and designer, my biggest problem to solve is finding inspiration that translates to a functional piece. Oftentimes, I draw on the hooks and imagery from lyrics, visual content from music videos, and brand color palettes.


With hooks like, “damn it’s 7 am,” “step into the daylight and let it go,” “alpha type,” and “this is our place, we make the rules,” there has been plenty to draw inspiration from.


Goodbye Lover, Jewelry Box


Mood 13’s First Issue: April 2020

In the April 2020 Spring issue, we featured a “You Need to Calm Down” inspired coffee canister, “Cruel Summer” inspired cutting board, and “Lover” inspired cooking utensils for the kitchen.


In the room, we crafted a “Paper Rings” inspired jewelry box, “Lover” inspired ring dishes, and framed the autographed Lover album cover and the Taylor Swift “To My Lover” Valentine’s Day cards.


We also found fun ways to show off our merch confetti and reuse glass bottles for vases to brighten up our Lover themed studio room.


taylor swift DIY, Taylor Swift you need to calm down,


Fun Projects From May and June 2020

In May, we hand-painted a “ME!” inspired French shade for our indoor herb garden and made Lover inspired dinner plates, chargers, and cloth napkins for the table. In the room, we crafted a “ME!” inspired key hook board and a light-up “Lover” sign.


June was the “You Need to Calm Down” extravaganza month and the kickoff to summer. So, we took the decor to the patio with outdoor wall art, lyrical lighting, tile coasters, hand-painted camper planter veneers, and decorative pillowcases.


We also upcycled an old patio table with graphics, glass beads, resin, and paint. Indoors we created tabletop camper terrariums.


Track 5 coasters, July 2020


Favorites From July 2020

For the July issue, we celebrated the track five songs from the debut album all the way through Lover. This led to one of our favorite pieces, the track-five coaster set.


As far as “The Archer” goes, we crafted a centerpiece for the coffee table and a special “ready for combat” wall hanging for the room.


Welcome to folklore

It may seem sad to say goodbye to the Lover era as we reminisce over these pastel rainbow-filled home decor projects rounded up in our August 2020 issue, but just as one chapter ends, another begins.


Now, we get to say hello to a new vibe as Taylor reinvents herself yet again with folklore and we can’t wait to share what we have in store.


With that in mind, “Goodbye Lover and Welcome folklore!”

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