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Mood 13 Magazine April 2020 Issue Editor’s Note

elegantly decorated Lover era easter eggs, Mood 13 Magazine April 2020

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Carissa Shuman

Mood 13 Magzine’s First Issue: April 2020


In the Mood 13 Magazine April 2020 issue, we celebrate Taylor and we celebrate spring. Here are some inspiring words from our EIC, Christa Thompson.


A Swiftie Spring


Spring is upon us, and every Swiftie knows how much Taylor enjoys a competitive Easter Egg hunt and egg battle with her brother Austin, much to our delight.


Apart from this nugget of entertainment, spring brings with it rebirth and renewal —a crisp morning air that energizes while fresh blossoms inspire us to appreciate the possibilities of the new year. We tend to get organized, maybe hit the Kombucha a little harder, but mostly we are invigorated.


With Taylor’s current album, Lover expressed in pastel shades amidst cotton-candy clouds, this is certainly the era for Spring.


Lest we not forget her obsession with Easter eggs (of the CIA-level variety) that keep us Swifties on our detective A-game. So, how do we interpret Lover into DIY projects, crafts, home decor, entertainment, and of course, Easter? Well, we thought you’d never ask! 


Mood 13 Magazine’s April 2020 issue celebrates Taylor with the Swiftie Garden Par-tay complete with a Lover themed egg hunt, Lover themed sweets & mixers, and elegant decorative Easter eggs that you can make with your guests.


Outdoor Fun


Pictured on the cover is our first feature, the elegant Lover themed decorative Easter eggs that you can gift or keep for your Easter decor. 


Our second feature is a fairy-sized butterfly garden that will bring life and renewal to your outdoor space.


Another way we have realized Spring in full Swiftie fashion is with birdhouses that will invite wildlife to your garden. You will also find projects for home decor in both fun pastels for your room and in elegant styles to seamlessly blend with any decor while renewing your space.


We did not forget that April 22 is Earth Day. You will find in our Mindfulness section, 13 Ways to Reuse for Earth Day. 


Finally, for those who need a quick creative fix, check out our Quick & Easy section for 5 projects you can make faster than you can say, “sabotage.” 


The Mood 13 Magazine’s April 2020 Artist Feature dives into the colorful world of Krystal Ward, a watercolorist from Southern California, who’s known in the fandom for her exquisite renderings of Taylor Swift.


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