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Mood 13 Magazine May 2020 ME! Issue Out Now!

french inspired bike decor

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Mood 13 Magazine May 2020 ME! Issue Out Now!


The Mood 13 Magazine May 2020 “ME! Issue” has arrived and we are not calm! Download the free Mood 13 Magazine app today on Apple and Android. Subscribe to get the current May 2020 “ME! Issue” with a monthly auto-renew subscription of 2.99USD.


What’s Inside Mood 13 Magazine May 2020 Issue? A Note from Editor-in-Chief, Christa Thompson


Next to spending time with our moms (and kids) and the remembrance of our military personnel who died in service, May is a month that’s all about “ME!”—well, at least it is now.    


Swifties will never forget the galactic-sized marketing campaign/emotional roller coaster that unraveled preceding the release of the “ME!” music video. Subsequently, May brought even more publicity as Taylor promoted the song from LA to Paris —and we cheered her on the whole way.    


From rainbows to pastels and even its melodies, “ME!” is a song I will always associate with this time of year.      


Spring is an enchanting season for me. Perhaps it’s the cool air on my skin, or the sweet scent of purple wisteria that hangs from the sweetgum tree in a buttercup covered horse pasture —surely, the tiny white blooms of the Appalachian dogwoods contouring the backroads in my hometown haven’t gone underappreciated.     


Spring is magical and we are missing a lot of its glory as we stay at home during this global health crisis. So, to revive some of that magic, we decided to bring spring indoors—rainbows and “ME!” included.


On the cover, you’ll see how we brought spring indoors with a “ME!” inspired French herb garden. Also in our spring section, you’ll find a blooming “13” to decorate your room as well as our French-inspired Taylor boxes. And we didn’t forget Mother’s Day!     


Also inspired by the “ME!” music video, is our rainbow prism suncatcher and window film, homemade bath & body self-care, and a “Swiftie Movie Night” for when social distancing gets a little less, well, distant.     


In our Home Decor section, we chose to focus on kitchen and dining as we are all spending much more time in these places as of late. There’s also a special surprise for your room!     


Finally, our Quick & Easy section features, “Spring Accessories for Your Essential Errands” and our featured artist, Lea Manning, talks about growing up with Taylor Swift.   


May is upon us. Don’t forget to tell your moms and Mama Swift how special they are and to remember our military! Hopefully, these crafts and projects will keep you feeling the magic of spring while you are staying at home and, optimistically, staying healthy.



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