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Krystal Ward’s Colorful World

Krystal Ward Watercolor artwork of Taylor Swift

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Chances are if you’re a “Stan Swiftie” you’ve encountered a fair amount of fine artists who share one muse, Taylor Swift. And rightfully so, even on her worst of worst days, Taylor is flawless. There isn’t an angle on her the camera doesn’t love. Taylor is the queen of speaking volumes without saying a word. This kind of charisma and character invokes many to pick up their mediums and recreate her iconic moments into art. 


In a fandom with a plethora of fan art, you might find its creativity to be overwhelming (in a good way of course). Just take a peek at Tumblr, Taylor’s fans are brimming with talent! And among that talent is that of Krystal Ward, Mood 13 Featured Artist for April, and her salient water colorings of Taylor Swift.


Krystal Ward, Mood 13 Featured Artist for April


Water color painting of Taylor Swift by Krystal Ward


Krystal Ward’s paintings stand out in a big way. But don’t take my word for it, Taylor loved her work so much that she invited her to a Lover Secret Session in 2019. Her portraits convey some of Taylor’s most photographic looks and moments while maintaining the drama from the original work. Looking at a rendering by Krystal is like looking at a perfectly crafted dream of Taylor.


We got with Krystal to ask a few questions about being a Swiftie and what has impacted her art the most.


Krystal Ward and Taylor Swift at the Lover Secret Sessions
Krystal Ward and Taylor Swift at the Lover Secret Sessions. Photo provided by Krystal.


C: When did you first become a Swiftie?


K: “I first fell in love with Taylor with Love Story was released. She had always been my guilty pleasure. But I went into Swiftie mode with Red. And finally, in Rep era, I discovered that there were so many other Swifties like me on Tumblr and Twitter, which was such a magical discovery for me.”


C: What has been your favorite era of Taylor so far?


K: “My favorite era so far is Lover. I love(r) her mentality, her freedom, and her outlook this era. I am over the moon for the Lover aesthetic and everything about this chapter.


C: If you were stuck in a room for 72 hours with only one Taylor song on repeat, which one would it be?


K: “Oh my goodness! Wow, that’s a horrible thing to make me pick one song. But if I had to choose at this very moment, it would be WTNY acoustic. It really blows me away. I love her acoustics.”


C: What is it about Taylor that inspires your art?


K: “Taylor is obviously a HUGE inspiration to my art as she is my subject most of the time. Her character is what inspires me most. Her style and aura are big factors as well.”


C: Which other artists, musically or otherwise, inspire your art or make an impact on your life?


K: “Musically, Death Cab for Cutie has made a major impact on my life. I went through my teenage years up to today listening to their music and just catching that feeling of some strange beautiful connection through music. A lot of classic rock like the Beatles, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan also have inspired me growing up.


Krystal Ward Watercolor artwork of Taylor Swift


For more of Krystal’s art and her full interview, make sure you check the April 2020 issue of Mood 13 Magazine.


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