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The French Inspired ME! Issue | May 2020 Foreword

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christa thompson

Welcome to Mood 13 Magazine! We are so glad you’re here! In case you don’t know, I kind of have a thing for projects. I love getting lost in the creativity of it all. I find crafting, fine art, DIY, baking, and designing catharsis amidst the chaos.


Basically, my thirteen plus years of “Swiftiehood” had a baby with my unwavering passion for creativity, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship. I named her, “Mood 13 Magazine.”     


Thankfully, my entrepreneurial tenacity is the exact sparkling mess my friend and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Carissa, wanted. Who knew babies left a trail of glitter?     


Given the recent and very unfortunate circumstances of our 2020 health crisis, we thought this would be the perfect time to make this idea a reality.    


And so, the projects began, but not before weeks of editorial planning and brainstorming over an abundance of wine and coffee.   


I wanted to create a magazine that offers project ideas for tangible keepsakes from the intangible highlights of our icon. Not just to occupy your time while you are stuck at home, but to inspire you to create your happy place for years to come. Plus, you get to support Taylor in the process! I mean, you never know who’s lurking these days, am I right?!   


 If you feel like skipping down the street like Taylor at the end of the Netflix, Reputation Stadium Tour, at the thought of being surrounded by hot glue and glitter, baking cookies and mixing cocktails (if you’re of age), or throwing epic themed parties, then this is the magazine for you, or should I say, ” this mood is for you.”


Stay Sparkly,


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  1. Kellie
    2 years ago

    Congratulations!!🎉 KMM xo💜


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