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Peek Inside Mood 13 June 2020 | Celebrate Pride and YNTCD

Mood 13 Pride

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June is PRIDE Month, and Mood 13 has Pride!


In the May 2020 issue, we celebrated Taylor’s promotional month of ”ME!” which had her jet setting around the globe for an international publicity tour.


She sure was a busy boss in 2019 as June brought with even more press coverage, but most importantly, a letter to her senator.


As we say goodbye to a month of “ME!,” which was really all about YOU, we are excited to share that June will be about all of us.      


Mood 13 pride, rainbow heart, love is love


Love is Love!


There’s a saying that you truly can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Hopefully, we’ve helped you tap into the well of inspiration that is Taylor Swift, bring life and rejuvenation into your home as you hunker down and stay healthy, and set aside some much-needed me-time without self-care ideas.     


Loving and respecting yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s important to be mindful of how you view, judge, and speak to yourself. Take this time at home as an opportunity to pause, observe, think about what is going on around you, and calm down. Follow the “golden rule” and take how you want to be viewed, judged, treated, etc… and apply it to how you interact with others.      


June is PRIDE Month and more than anything, it should be a time to focus on the meaning of equality. We are all human. Let’s take a cue from one iconic queen and use our voices and actions to show love, acceptance, and respect to our fellow humans. Be the example of the future we want to achieve.


In the Mood 13 Pride issue, you’ll find a Swiftie Summer Survival Kit, plenty of PRIDE decor, more rainbows and flamingos than you’ll know what to do with, something for Dad, and a special section for teaching your kids through crafting, Only the Young, 13 Rainbow Crafts for Your Kids.

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