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Aftercare For Your Butterfly Garden Plants

butterfly on purple flowers

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Now that you’ve made the most adorable Taylor themed butterfly garden in the world, you need to care for it. All in all, it’s pretty low maintenance but here are some tips to help you care for your butterfly garden plants.

Caring For Your Butterfly Garden Plants

First things first, NEVER use pesticides in your butterfly garden! You want to follow the care instructions of the plants that you chose. Get to know your plants. Notice when they start to look dry or a little droopy. You want to make sure you keep them watered, but don’t over-water them. 

In just a few weeks, you’ll likely need to trim back some of the plants so they don’t overcrowd the garden. Do this with small pruning shears, and remember, certain plants you can divide and grow in separate pots. But, don’t cut back your perennials in the fall as hibernating adults or egg masses can be damaged. 

Keep an eye on the water level of your smallest pot. It’s a good idea to clean it once a week to avoid growing algae or attracting mosquitos. If you want to deter mosquitos altogether, drop a few drops of organic lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball and tuck it in the plants or maybe in the lantern. It attracts butterflies while repelling mosquitos and fleas.

We suggest having your butterfly garden in a corner, away from heavy rain. We put ours in the corner of Christa’s outdoor patio, just slightly beneath the roof and gutters.

Your butterfly garden will need to be updated each year, which gives you an opportunity to freshen it up with new garden ornaments. 


DIY Project set up


Now that you have your butterfly garden in all of its magical glory, turn on the fairy lights, pour yourself a glass of wine (or age-appropriate beverage), stream Lover, sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet serenity of nature in your renewed outdoor space.

Bees are also pollinators, and therefore are also attracted to flowers. Keep this in mind when deciding where to place your garden.


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