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Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. As Mother Nature comes into bloom and baby animals start to make their entrance into the world, we love being able to celebrate this season. Our DIY butterfly garden is a great way to step into the daylight of spring and leave winter behind.  But if gardening isn’t your strong suit, have no fear -we have an adorable painted birdhouses idea. Plus, they’re definitely as cute, and almost as corny as our rhymes.


Painted Birdhouses


If you want a simple but elegant trifecta of birdhouses to hang from your tree, choose two colors to alternate between them. To create a balanced look, paint each outer birdhouse a solid color. If you want something more true to Lover era pastels, make your largest birdhouse pop with pink, blue, and white. And, don’t forget to embellish it!

One of the birdhouses we picked up at a local craft store came in the off white color you see while we painted the other one with rose-gold spray paint.

We used black and white paint pens to draw hearts, write “13”, and feature lyrics we love.

The biggest birdhouse is a plain wooden bird feeder that you can paint and embellish as you desire. We added a sign to ours by using a plant identification stake and a black paint pen.

Remember, anytime you paint something that is going to be exposed to the elements, you need to spray it with a clear coat to protect it.


painted birdhouses


Both ceramic birdhouses are considered decorative, so we don’t expect any birds to nest in these. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take these tips and apply them to more traditional nesting boxes! If you are looking for birds to use the houses for nesting, reach out to your local extension office for information about what species of birds can be found near you too. 

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Lyrics-Inspired Painted Birdhouses

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